Máy Hàn AS Scholer-Bolte GmbH PRO-D 2200

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PRO-D 2200
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Đại lý AS Scholer-Bolte GmbH Viet Nam - Máy Hàn AS Scholer-Bolte GmbH PRO-D 2200
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The microprocessor controlled stud welding unit PRO-D 2200 is designed for drawn arc and short cycle stud welding. Microprocessor control, continuous adjustment of welding current and time as well as constant current regulation ensure in connection with the high performance of the unit optimum welding results and repeatability. The unit is easily operated by the very robust rotary knob with a built-in push button, all functions and parameters are shown on a big display.
Pre-installed welding programms facilitate the choice of the right adjustment values for different welding tasks. Additionally, user specific welding programms can be stored. The modular design of the unit allows the customer specific choice of the equipment features. All optional equipment features can be retrofitted.
The integrated welding parameter monitoring enables the quality control of the finished welds. By default, the parameter sets of the last ten welds are stored. The optional available welding parameter memory allows the storage of 24500 welds and has an USB-interface for data transmission to a PC.
Optionally, the unit can be equipped with a shielding gas module for welding with shielding gas for weld pool backing and with an automatic module to control the automatic stud feeder VBZ and an automatic welding gun.
The PRO-D 2200 can be supplied as multi-gun unit for the operation of two or four stud welding guns with different adjustment values for welding current and welding time. The multi-gun unit automatically detects which gun is used. All gun connections can be equipped with a shielding gas module. Alternatively, for the operation of up to four stud welding guns on one unit the external adapter box PRO-SPLIT is available as accessory.

Welding range Ø 2-22 mm
Welding material steel, stainless steel
Welding method
(acc. to DIN EN ISO 14555)
drawn arc (ceramic ferrule), short cycle, optional: drawn arc (shielding gas)
Welding current 200-2100 A, continuously adjustable
Welding time 10-3000 ms, continuously adjustable
Power source transformer/rectifier
Mains plug CEE 63 A
Mains supply 230/400/415/460 V, 63 A, 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse external 63 AT
Protection IP 23
Lifting eyes 2
Swivel castors/fixed castors 2/2
Dimensions (WxHxL) 560x680x790 mm
Weight 230 kg
Part number B-90-30-4050
Suitable welding guns PHM-10, PHM-12, PHM-160, PHM-161, GD 25

Máy Hàn AS Scholer-Bolte GmbH PRO-D 2200

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